JUNIOR PLAYER PROFILE 2013 – #5 – Leyton Foster

Name Leyton Foster

Club Wests Rugby Club

School St. Mary’s School

Position: 1st Five

Whats the best thing about playing Rugby: Tackling, kicking and playing with my friends

What Super Rugby team do you support: Crusaders

Who is your favourite All Black: Daniel Carter

What summer sports do you like to play: Cricket/Golf

What is your favourite T.V show: Ridiculousness

What was the last movie you went to see: The Avengers

If you could be in any music group/band, who would it be: LMFAO

If you could hang out with any famous person for a weekend, who would it be: Daniel Carter

What do you like to do in your school holidays: Play sports

What are your goals for the 2013 season: To improve the accuracy of my kicking

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